How to lower your cooling costs this summer?

Posted on by WestAIR Heating & Cooling

Here at WestAIR we provide the quality service you expect, inside your home and out. There are three simple things that you can do in your home without having to call a technician.

  1. Keep the Sun Out: Bright afternoon sunlight that shines through your windows can increase your costs up to 30 percent. Two options that you can consider are: to either place light-reflective film on them or close blinds and curtains at different times of the day depending on where the most light/heat is coming in.
  2. Analyze Your Thermostat Settings: During the three main summer months, cooling costs can contribute to 50 percent or more of your total utility costs. Consider keeping your thermostat at 77 degrees instead of 70 degrees. This can only help you save money.
  3. Furnace Filters: Remember to change your furnace filter monthly (even in the summer) to maintain the efficiency of your furnace AND air conditioner.

These are just three simple things that you can do today to help save money!!

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