Dryer Vents

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Has it ever seemed like it takes forever for your clothes to dry?? You might be thinking your dryer is just getting old and needs to be replaced. Why spend all that money if you really don’t need to. The simple solution is to have your dryer vent and ducts cleaned. This will help with quicker drying times and save you money on your electric bill when it only takes 30 minutes vs. 60 minutes to dry.

Dirty dryer vents are also a fire hazard. If they become plugged up the dryer becomes hotter and increases the chance for a fire to start within the vents.  Something like this could very well happen while no one is home.

It is recommended that you clean dryer vents once a year.  Discounts are available if you schedule your cleaning with other furnace and duct cleaning services. Save money and reduce your risks of a fire. Call us today and schedule a dryer vent cleaning before it’s too late.

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