Improve Indoor Air Quality with Duct Cleaning

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Do you or family members suffer from allergies or asthma? The accumulation of dust, dirt and other pollutants can pose a threat for everyone that breathes the air. Airborne contaminants include dust mites, fungi, germs and mold. Pollutants are drawn into the heating and air conditioning ducts through the return air registers.

You may want to have your ducts cleaned if you notice an excess of dust behind your return air grills or have had a remodel/construction project completed recently.

Duct cleaning of your air duct system can make a difference in your Indoor Air Quality and can cut your energy costs by increasing the efficiency of your system.

It is recommended that you have your ducts cleaned once every other year.  Specials are available if you schedule your cleaning with other furnace or Indoor Air Quality services. Call us today and schedule a duct cleaning this Fall.

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