Humidifiers for Your Health and Home Health

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With winter finally set in you or other family members may be experiencing health symptoms such as: dry or sore throat, dry skin and runny noses. These symptoms sometimes lead to colds or the flu.

You may be wondering why does this always happen during the winter months here in Minnesota? The answer is dry air! During the  winter the air is much colder than it is in the summer. Because of this it is not able to hold as much moisture or any at all. All of the moisture has been sucked out of the air and froze.

This happens in our homes because the air is trapped inside.  The amount of air flow is very low since we don’t open our windows during the winter. The solution to all these dry air problems is a humidifier.  An inline whole house Aprilaire humidifier helps maintain the moisture levels within your home.  Thus creating a comfortable and healthy atmosphere for you and your family.

Aprilaire 600a

At WestAIR heating we proudly install Aprilaire whole house humidifiers.  This is the better option over a portable humidifier. Why? Whole house humidifiers have the ability to automatically control your entire homes humidity levels 24/7 with a continuous automatic digital control, annual minimal maintenance required and energy savings.

Specials are available if you schedule your installation with other furnace or Indoor Air Quality services. Call us today to schedule a simple installation of an energy saving Whole-Home Humidifier.

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