Fighting the Common Cold

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The winter to spring transition is wonderful in terms of cutting down on energy bills and warming up. However, it may bring the common cold to your home. At WestAIR we offer three products that can help keep your family healthy during this time and throughout the entire year.

  1. Air Cleaners: These are best in homes where family members have allergies, asthma or other respiratory conditions.  Air cleaners filter the air and remove the tiniest microfibers and particles. This includes small dust particles, bacteria, and viruses.
  2. UV Lights: By installing a UV light this can help to eliminate mold, dust mites and bacteria. In fact, the majority of hospitals and health clinics are now installing UV lights to make the environment cleaner and healthier.
  3. Humidifiers: In the Midwest and especially in Minnesota, it gets very dry during the fall and winter months. Installing a humidifier is a great way to control the humidity in your home and benefit from reduced cases of the flu, the common cold, and other sicknesses.

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