Is your Air Conditioning System keeping up?

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Hey Minnesotans, it’s summer! We love these sun shiny, summer days, but now that Mother nature is really cranking up the heat (and humidity!) your air conditioning unit may be working overtime! Or – does it sometimes feel like it is just not doing it’s job of keeping your house cool?

There could be a number of reasons your central AC does not seem to be doing the best job.

  • Have you had your yearly routine checkup? Just like a regular checkup at the doctor, your AC unit needs to be checked out, cleaned and tuned up for optimal performance.
  • Have you checked your thermostat? Make sure your batteries are fresh (if it uses batteries) settings are correct, and it is functioning properly.
  • Have you changed your furnace filter?  Furnace filters should be changed once a month-even during the summer months.
  • Try closing the vents in rooms you don’t use on a regular basis.
  • Check out additional tips on our website.

Inefficiencies in your air conditioning system could be costing you a lot of money every month in energy bills. And many people probably think “Oh no, we cannot replace the system this year, it is too costly.” But the truth is, there may be instances that replacing your system could SAVE you money over the next few years! Your air conditioner’s inefficiency could be driving up your monthly bills substantially. Combine lower monthly bills with possible rebates and it is a win-win!

If your air conditioning system continues to battle the Dog Days of Summer this August, make sure to call your local professional at WestAIR Heating & Cooling. We’d be happy to come out to your home and personally assess your AC unit. We want you to be comfortable in your home, all year long.  Contact us today at 763.498.8071.

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