5 Reasons to Switch to In-Floor Heating

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Radiant in-floor heating systems are becoming a more popular way to heat your home. It’s typically installed during the construction period as a boiler, pump, and gas lines are needed to complete the system. This form of heating uses hot water pumped through plastic tubing. It’s laid out in a serpentine pattern underneath the flooring to heat the house.

In-floor heating is a great way to add a touch of luxury to your space. The chilly winter evenings no longer require slippers and the air around you feels cozy. This addition to your home is a great way to upgrade your most trafficked spaces, allowing all family and friends to enjoy its benefits. Continue reading our blog to explore the pros of radiant in-floor heating.

Uniform Heating

In-floor heating will allow uniform heating throughout your space. When your home is heated with only forced-air systems, locations of the vents determine which parts of the room are warmer and cooler. Underfloor radiant heating warms the entire floor equally, meaning you will be comfortable at lower temperature levels because you won’t have cold spots or drafts.


Radiant in-floor heating systems directly warm the flooring of the home. This heating is great option for families that are prone to allergies. Any time a forced-air systems is turned on, instantly dust particles are disturbed and scatter into the air being breathed in. In-floor heating will warm the space more evenly without agitating allergies.

Energy Efficient

In-floor heating is 25 percent more efficient than forced-air systems, which push warm air through ductwork that’s susceptible to leaks and will ultimately expend more energy to heat the home. Additionally, the space between vents allows warm air to cool before making it to the other side of the room. With inconsistent temperatures, the thermostat sensor will read incorrectly and keep the heat running constantly. By not using air ducts for distribution, radiant in-floor systems eliminate these heat loss issues and retain more of the warm air.

Minimal Maintenance

Unlike forced air heating, there are no maintenance costs with radiant floor heating. Depending on the brand you choose, some companies even guarantee their product for decades. In-floor heating allows you to skip the bills that come with annual furnace checks and air filter replacements and spend that money elsewhere.


Radiant in-floor heating is one of the safest heating options for your home, especially a home with children. In-floor heating is completely enclosed while other heating options are not. Old fashioned radiators may be a fun piece of history that comes with an older home, but they also come with a glaring warning sign. Radiators can pose as a safety hazard and cause burns as their pipes heat up. Not only can an adult be burned who is aware of the heat coming from the radiator, but it can be a serious hazard to children.   

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