Holiday Home Safety Tips

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During the holiday season, it is hard to take your mind off of shopping, cleaning, cooking, buying gifts, and preparing the house for visiting relatives and friends. Another thing that should be added to that list is the safety of your house during this season. Décor, trees, candles, and unattended stoves are the top hazards during the holidays. Read along in our December blog as we discuss holiday home safety tips.

Worry-Free Tree

If caught on fire, real or fake Christmas trees will wreak havoc on your house during the holiday season. When purchasing a fake tree, make sure it is labeled nonflammable or fire-retardant. If real trees aren’t properly watered, they can catch fire and have your whole house up in flames in a matter of seconds. Below are some ways you can avoid Christmas tree fires.

  • Low heat producing lights – This will help to keep the tree from drying up
  • NEVER overload your electrical circuits near the tree
  • Always turn Christmas lights off inside and outside the house when going to bed or leaving the house
  • Water your tree
  • Keep your tree away from any heating source

Décor Galore

Hanging, draping, and setting up decorations is one of the many delights that come with the holiday season. When you start setting up for Christmas, make sure you are using nonflammable or fire-retardant decorations. Also, make sure not to set décor on your fireplace mantel or near it where it can catch fire. If you have small children, be sure to use unbreakable decorations. When it is time to start decorating the tree, use ornaments that are nonflammable. A Christmas tree is one of the deadliest fire starters during the holidays. If you really want glass, sharp, or ceramic ornaments, try hanging them towards the top of the tree so little hands or paws can’t reach them. Candles are another source of deadly fires during the winter season. Keep them away from furniture, wrapped gifts, curtains, and anything that could possibly catch ablaze.

Safe and Sound

Along with traveling, working, and not being home on the holidays come criminals ready to pounce any chance they can get. Be extra careful this winter; lock your doors, windows, and garages before you leave the house. To help prevent theft, you can also:

  • Leave a few lights on inside
  • Try to unload packages in your garage with the door closed
  • Watch what you are posting on social media
  • Add lights: motion sensor lights are your friend

With the holidays closing in on us, we are here to make sure you are taking the correct steps to protect your home. Nonflammable trees, fire-retardant décor, and home safety and security are only some of the ways to keep your house safe and sound during this season. WestAIR Heating & Cooling can install gas fireplaces, so there is less of a possibility that your tree or decorations go up in flames. You can contact us to learn more about different types of fireplaces and to discuss more home safety holiday tips. WestAIR Heating & Cooling also wants to wish you happy holidays. Stay safe and have fun.

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