Filtered air ensures a healthier indoor environment

We know that the air you breathe inside is as important as the air you breathe outside. Venmar Ventilation Systems provide a healthier indoor environment by delivering a continuous flow of fresh, filtered outdoor air to the home. At the same time it exhausts stale indoor air with unhealthy contaminants and excess humidity. Exceptionally quiet operation and easy to use wall controls make Venmar ventilation systems the easy choice.


Venmar Ventilation System features:

  • Equipped with a heat recovery core (HRV)
  • Ideal system for renovation and new residential construction projects
  • Offers complete solution to reduce excess humidity and expel gaseous pollutants
  • Allows for optional filter and wall control upgrades
  • Recirculation mode provides constant flow of air to prevent air stagnation
  • Totally reversible for simplified installation

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