Smart, Wi-Fi and Programmable Thermostats

Enjoy easy, efficient, user-friendly operation

Have you ever had difficulty figuring out how to operate your thermostat? Well, with the new Honeywell VisionPRO 8000 Thermostats, struggling with your thermostat is a thing of the past. Now, homeowners can customize the Vision Pro without constantly referring to an instruction manual because of the user-friendly, on-screen menu with flashing instruction segments. It also provides a clear indication of what you’ve just told the thermostat to do with visuals like “saving changes” and “following schedule.”


Honeywell VisionPRO 8000 Thermostat features:

  • 7-Day Programming - Allows separate programming for each day
  • Large, Clear Backlit Digital Display - Easy-to-read in various lighting conditions
  • Change/Check Reminders - Let you know when to service or replace filters, batteries, etc.
  • Energy Savings - Program to save up to 33% on annual heating and cooling costs (If used as directed. Savings may vary depending on geographic region and usage)
  • Precise Comfort Control - Maintains consistent comfort to the highest level of accuracy
  • Built-In Humidity Sensor - Displays current humidity and select models allows you to control dehumidification
  • Real-Time Clock - Keeps time during power failures and automatically updates for daylight savings
  • Multiple HOLD Options - Allows you to override the program schedule as desired, with temporary and vacation-hold settings.
  • 5-Year Warranty

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