Furnace Tips

  1. Change or clean your filter monthly.
  2. Keep thermostat at moderate settings for maximum fuel economy.
  3. Clean drain hoses of condensing type furnace.


Symptom: No Heat
  1. Check power to furnace.
  2. Is blower door switch making contact?
  3. Is gas valve turned on?
  4. Is thermostat set to “Heat”?
  5. Is heat turned higher than house temperature reading on thermostat?

Symptom: Short Cycles

  1. Heat anticipator setting on thermostat.
  2. Fan and limit control settings.
  3. Check filter.

Central Air Conditioning Tips

Spring Start-Up
  1. Be sure furnace filter is clean. Connect drain hose to A-coil drain, and be sure hose is clean.
  2. Uncover outside unit if covered. Your outside condensing unit does not need to be covered during the winter months. The unit was built to withstand seasonal changes. However, if your unit is in the path of any falling ice or heavy snow, the outside metal casing can dent. In this case, use a piece of plywood slightly larger than the top of the unit and lay this on top, weight down, to keep from sliding.
  3. Clear away any debris that has accumulated around or under the unit.
  4. Turn on circuit breaker at fuse box and plug in outside disconnect if it was removed in the fall.
  5. Place thermostat selector switch to the cool position, and set to desired temperature.
During the Cooling Season
  1. Change furnace filter monthly.
  2. Keep unit clear of debris, fallen tree branches, and cottonwood pollen that will plug the unit.
  3. Wash the outside condensing unit once a year. Simply take your garden hose, with the nozzle attached and direct sharp stress through the side of the unit moving back and forth to clean coil fins.
In the Fall
  1. Shut off electrical supply to unit either at the fuse box or outside disconnect. This is very important because running your air conditioner for even a few seconds with the outside temperature below 45 degrees may cause severe damage to the unit and void warranty.
  2. Switch your thermostat selector switch from “Cool” to “Heat”.
  3. Cover unit if there is danger of falling ice or snow.

Explanation of Heat/Cool Thermostat

  1. There are two switches located on your new thermostat. One switch is labeled Cool-Off-Heat. The function of this switch is to select either heating or cooling, or you may select “Off”, and neither the furnace nor air conditioner will operate.
  2. The other switch is labeled Fan-Auto-On. If you select the “Auto”(automatic) position, the furnace fan will run only when the furnace is producing heat or the air conditioner is cooling. If you select the “On” position, the furnace or air conditioner will run constantly. However, the furnace or air conditioner will cycle and hold the desired temperature. The “Fan” switch will run constantly and re-cycle the air in your home.

Electronic Air Cleaner

  1. Clean the cells every 60 (sixty) days. Simply put cells in dishwasher and run washer through cycle. Be sure to also clean the screens on front of the cells in the air cleaner.
  2. Replace the clean and dried cells with the arrow embossed on the cells pointing toward the furnace.

Non-Electronic High Efficiency Air Cleaner

  1. Replace filter media at least once a year.

Central Humidifiers

Winter Start-Up
  1. Turn on water supply at saddle valve. This is a small valve that connects the small copper line running from the humidifier to the main water pipe in the house.
  2. Check the media pad in the humidifier. If corroded, replace it.
  3. Clean and attach drain hose to bottom of humidifier.
  4. Open the air by-pass on large round pipe coming from front of humidifier.
  5. Set desired humidity setting—usually around 30%.
Spring Shut Down
  1. Turn off water supply at saddle valve.
  2. Close air by-pass on large pipe.

Air Exchangers

Caution: Be sure to unplug the unit before working inside unit.

  1. Clean inside of door with a damp cloth.
  2. Clean basic filters: vacuum to remove most of the dust and wash with warm soapy water, rinse, shake, and let dry.
  3. Clean condensation tray with a damp cloth.
  4. Check the exterior air intake hood and remove any leaves, twigs, ice, snow, etc.
In the Fall
  1. Clean the recovery module/core, let soak in warm soapy water, rinse, shake, and let dry.

For quick problem solutions, refer to the following chart. If you have any other questions, please feel free to call us.

Type of Problem Try This…
Nothing works
  • See if the unit is plugged in.
  • See if the unit is receiving power from the house circuit breaker.
All light indicators on the wall control system are flashing (every 8 seconds). Unplug the unit, wait 30 seconds, then reconnect. If the problem continues, contact your installer.
Light indicator flashes or doesn't light while activating the wireless push-button. Open the push-button casing and change the batteries.
Condensation on windows. (Air too humid).
  • Adjust the humidity control knob as per instructions.
  • Operate the unit at maximum speed (MAX) during activities generating excess humidity (family gatherings, extra cooking, etc.).
  • Leave curtains half-open to allow air circulation.
  • Store all firewood in a close room with a dehumidifier or in a well-ventilated room, or store wood outside.
  • Keep the temperature in your house above 18°C (64°F).
Air too dry.
  • Do not adjust your humidity control below -20°C (30%).
  • Operate the unit at low speed (MIN.).
  • Temporarily switch to the intermittent mode.
  • Temporarily use a humidifier.
Air too cold at the air supply grille
  • Make sure the outside hoods are not blocked.
  • Operate the unit at low speed (MIN.).
  • Have the system's balancing checked.
  • Have the unit's defrost system checked.
  • Install a duct heater.

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